Use a Neodymium Magnet for metal detecting


Always use a Neodymium Magnet for metal detecting. If you metal detect in areas with a lot or urban trash, like freshwater lakes and rivers, you will soon hear nulling out from iron nails. Or, if you have your metal detector set to all metal or are using a pulse metal detector like a White’s Dual Field you will be hearing the iron in your headphones too. Even if you hunt in saltwater, where theoretically you will experience less iron trash because iron dissolves in sea water over time, you might hear hairpins or freshly dropped bottle caps. Using a neodymium magnet for metal detecting can help your treasure hunting and is a smart thing to do.

A neodymium magnet for metal detecting can save you a lot of trouble if you attach one to the inside of your metal detecting scoop with zip ties. It will capture the stray hairpins, bottle caps, and small bits of iron and steel you dig so they don’t fall back into the water for you to find again. These days, the magnet will also capture modern coins which are steel blanks with a plating of other metals  (called clad coins).

There are some things to know about neodymium magnets for metal detecting however. The magnets themselves are usually plated with a nickel or nickel copper plating to offer them some protection, but the magnets themselves will corrode and lose magnetism if exposed to moisture. if you are a salt water hunter, or even a fresh water detectorist, use a coated neodymium magnet for metal detecting. You can get the magnets with various coatings – rubber, plastic, or epoxy. Or, you can even coat the magnet yourself using epoxy, Aquaseal, or truck bed liner.

Neodymium magnets are very brittle and the coating will also serve to protect the magnet from repeated contacts from the rocks you might be swishing around in your scoop.

A new magnet type is now available that is coated in stainless steel, which will last longer than an epoxy or truck bed liner coating, and protect the magnet from corrosion due to fresh and salt water. Also, the stainless steel jacket increases the magnetic field of the magnet itself so the strength-size ratio is a little better.

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