Getting the best travel case for metal detectors

Metal detecting on vacation? Get the best travel case for metal detectors

If you are like me, as soon as the weather gets colder and the ice starts forming on the local lakes and rivers I start dreaming about metal detecting in the ocean in warmer places. Half the fun in metal detecting overseas is planning where to go and deciding what gear to bring. In this post I will talk about getting the best travel case for metal detectors and how to get your metal detecting gear safely to your holiday destination, which is probably your main concern if you are going to metal detect while on vacation.

There is a lot of talk on the metal detecting forums and online communities about what is the the best travel case for metal detectors, specifically for the CTX 3030. A lot of detectorists talk about archery bow cases for the CTX and swear by them… They certainly look really cool. While bow cases may be good to transport your detector on short hunting trips with a car or on domestic flights for land metal detectorists, but they are totally inadequate for the detectorist who wants to hunt the water while on vacation.


Well bow cases only hold a single metal detector and don’t take into account the other most important tool of the water treasure hunter: the metal detecting scoop.
Some detectorists travel with their scoop head in another bag and try to source a wooden scoop handle once they reach their destination. Others buy specially made ‘travel scoops’ that fold up to fit in their other piece of luggage. Or others – and I’ve done this – pack a favorite scoop head and also a special ‘travel handle’ that can fit in a suitcase.
I have learned from experience that arriving at a destination and then trying to find a local hardware store can be a pain in the butt! If you are staying at a vacation resort, you may be miles and miles from the nearest store of any kind. If you find a hardware store, you will probably have to pay someone to machine down the handle to fit your scoop. All this wastes valuable vacation and treasure hunting time.

Even the scoop makers themselves will tell you that ‘travel handles’ are not as strong as one piece handles. While travel handles for metal detecting scoops should be able to last for a short vacation without breaking – taking them apart at the end of your holiday might be a problem. If your scoop handle seizes up as they often do, you may need to leave it behind.

All the folding travel scoops I have ever seen have been made for casual use. What happens if you reach your destination and you are confronted with a rock or bleached coral seabed? What if there is massive erosion down to the bedrock (a good thing), yet all you’ve brought is a crappy folding aluminum travel scoop?

My solution is to bring my favorite stainless steel scoop head and a full length scoop handle when I fly. I also bring full length detector shafts and a few detectors and it all fits in one case. What case you ask? Well I have discovered the magic hard case that snowboarders and skiers have been using for years, the Sportube Series 3 Snowboard or Multi-Ski Travel Case. Not only can it fit full length scoop shafts and detector shafts and a few metal detectors, but you can also pack in a wet suit, finds bag, and other things you will need to find all the gold at your holiday destination.

The Sportube Series 3 Snowboard or Multi-Ski Travel Case easily adjusts in length to accommodate full length scoop handles, and it also has wheels on the bottom so you can drag it behind you if there are no luggage carts at your destination. It is wide enough to take scoop head widths from the top scoop manufacturers, and wide enough to fit a 12″ White’s Dual Field coil. And, since it is a hard case, completely opaque, and can be locked with a padlock in your hotel room or rented apartment, it provides good security in your room when you are not there. Here’s mine in Mauritius Airport. It has a CTX 3030 and two Minelab Excalibur detectors inside.

travel cases for metal detectors
Travel cases for metal detectors: the Sportube will fit your metal detectors, scoop head, scoop handle, and metal detector shafts.

If you are a water metal detectorist and you are looking for the best travel case for metal detectors, get a Sportube Series 3 Snowboard or Multi-Ski Travel Case. It will change the way you travel with your metal detectors.